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Charles H. Best III


To be successful in practice, Charles believes it is vital to achieve fairness for all parties while, at the same time, being an unrelenting advocate on behalf of his clients. Charles’s interest in law began well before he attended law school. While finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of Mississippi, Charles also devoted time at North Mississippi Rural Legal Services, where he solved garnishment and collections issues for low-income Mississippians struggling through confusing legal processes. There, Charles learned the practice of law can provide an opportunity for something special that very few other professions do: the ability to make a tangible difference in a client’s life. Throughout his law school career at Mississippi College School of Law, Charles developed an interest in other areas of law, such as family law, wills, and estate planning.


Through the collaboration with and guidance of other skilled attorneys and North Mississippi Rural Legal Services, Charles understands the value of closure and peace of mind, and strives to provide that to each person in need of professional legal skills. Charles sees the practice of law as a never-ending learning experience, with each case and client offering a new problem to solve or a new area of law to master. He believes a general litigation practice offers a never-ending opportunity to grow both personally and as an attorney for the benefit of all clients at Maxey Wann.


In his spare time, Charles enjoys a variety of nature activities with his dog Buck (who frequently accompanies him to the office). He also likes to spend his free time blacksmithing and baking.

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